Block and disable phone camera by single click

Protect your privacy from spying through phone camera and secretly taking picture or recording you by spyware, malware, surveillance or virus apps

Show list of apps with camera permission

See list of applications that have permission to use your android camera and have permission to use internet (upload/send photos out of your phone).

No camera & internet permission

Application doesn’t have camera and internet (only PRO version) permission = 100% safe we are not able to take picture and transfer anything from your device. No root needed

Chances you are being spied?

Number of applications (including System apps) on average android smartphone

Applications with camera permission that can take picture or record video anytime without your knowledge

Applications with camera and internet permission that can upload secretly taken pictures

Download Camera Block

Camera Block Pro $ 3.69 lifetime license
Protection 24 hours per day No internet permission = 100% safe Notification single click blocking No advertisement
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Camera Block Free Free
Protection 22 hours per day (turning off 20:00 - 22:00) Has internet permission (to show advertisement) 7 days PRO version trial _
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Camera Block Unblock Screen
Camera Block Block Screen
Camera Block Settings Screen
Camera Block List of apps Screen