Application for TWO

Both partners are tracking each other at the same time.

Location tracking

See partner’s current location & daily location overview – list of partners location recorded every 30 minutes.

Text messages

See 50 – 160 characters of every messages that your partner receive or send.

Phone calls

See partners call history with names from partners contact list.

Facebook likes & comments

Statistics and overview of people commenting and liking your partners Facebook posts.

No hidding & No deleting

All partners phone activity is shown to you! No change to delete, hide or change anything !

2.000.000 couples already transfered:


Text messages


Location records


Call records

Download Couple Tracker

Couple Tracker Pro $ 5.99 lifetime license
All phone calls All text messages 50 characters per message All facebook records No advertisement
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Couple Tracker Free Free
6 phone calls 3 text messages 30 characters per message 15 facebook records (per list) PER DAY
QR code for Couple Tracker Free
Download at Google Play


Screen with outgoing and incoming calls
Screen with outgoing and incoming messages
Screen with location tracking
Screen with Facebook communication